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10+ Small Bedroom Design Ideas

10+ Small Bedroom Design Ideas –Living in a dense city makes many of us sacrifice of living in a small bedroom. But, now it cannot be the reason to press what we expect from a bedroom. Today people are more creative in designing their house, therefore having small rooms is no longer a problem. We can find many pretty small houses with aesthetic bedrooms out there, and here we are going to present some of the examples.

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1.A small bedroom shouldn’t be the reason for a bookworm to limit the collection. For example is this bedroom. It is not only able to accommodate two persons, but also an of a cupboard full of books and clothes.

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2. With the smart bedroom furniture design, this bedroom is able to remain some empty space. For the small bedroom like this, the tips are to use the bed for single and don’t waste the space under the bed.

bedroom furniture for small rooms mjhgf

3. For the kind of student apartment, the design is typically like this. The bedroom shares the same area with the living room. This bedroom has a nice design with the greyish blue nuance that dominates its wallpaper and the furniture.

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4. Almost the same with the number four, this is a kind of dormitory bedroom. The furniture in this bedroom is made in the same series. The bed accommodates a single person and the wall is not left empty without shelves.

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5. The attic room certainly has an attractive room contour. The attic room, however, is identical for a small area, therefore, you can custom the furniture like this. The wall is not left empty, yet is used as the drawers or shelves place.

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6. Another strategy of maximizing the capacity of a small bedroom is by placing the furniture really close with the wall. Therefore, the middle of the bedroom will be empty that impresses more area. This bedroom also, uses the single bed and the place under it is not left useless.

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7. This bedroom is the example if you want to give additional furniture inside. The key is using the single bed. Because mostly the bed is the main furniture that spends the most place, the single bed is enough for the small room. This bedroom, moreover, has a nice decoration of the Scandinavian concept.

bedroom furniture for small rooms ghnma

8. This bedroom also has a Scandinavian style. Therefore, even though the shape of the room is not really beneficial, it still looks beneficial. Moreover, creatively the owner uses the chair to replace the table function.

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9. Same with the bedroom in number seven and eight, this bedroom also has the Scandinavian concept. The shelves that have an additional function as the wardrobe storage like this is beneficial to save more area.

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10. The leveled furniture like shown here is proven beneficial for place efficiency. Moreover, this kind of furniture makes the bedroom looks neat.

How was it? There are many attractive small bedrooms, isn’t it? As long as we smartly choose the furniture and the decoration, the small bedroom shouldn’t be a problem.