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10+ Amazing Tumblr Wall Decor

10+ Amazing Tumblr Wall Decor – Now people are very creative in decorating their own bedroom. We don’t have to shop pricy things to décor the overall room. Even mostly, we can make it yourself. And now we have some interesting Tumblr décor for youngsters.

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1. This forever young and free quote is actually easy to make. You just need to cut some parts in magazines and stick in on the wall. Still too simple? Then add Tumblr lamps around them and yes! The dim look room is perfect!

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2. The musician wannabe maybe wants to try this one. photos are no longer on the wall, they can be on the ceilings! Want to be extra? The hanging yellow lamps are everywhere on the ceilings and on the wall. Need more? Oke, don’t forget the printed fabric right beside your bed.

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3. Who said that pink will look too girly? This one is the proof. The hippies look comes from the sticky photos on the wall. Since the room already has sit lamp, you don’t need many yellow lamps for the room. The dream catcher side to side with photos will perfect for the hippies look.

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4. Why don’t add some greens to your room? It doesn’t have to be real plants, the artificial ones are okay. Add well ordered natural scenery photos and some quotes to make it aesthetic.

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5. If you don’t like too many decorations all over the wall, maybe you can try this one. just hang the photos like you hang the clothes on the rope and add a framed quote, finish!

Tumblr Wall Decor llppo

6. Maybe you like more color on your wall, then instead of photos, you can replace them with stickers. To avoid it boring, stick them in a certain order and give a quote.

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7. If the photos on the middle of the wall are too mainstream for you, why don’t stick them on the corner between the ceiling and the wall? Put some shelves for plants or books. And give a writing board in front of your work desk.

Tumblr Wall Decor tttyui

8. Who said that the room in the attic has a small area for furniture? You can even have a bedroom and place to stare at the stars in a place. if you are really into music, place some vynils on the wall and the attics. Just give little additional light in your room, so it stays dim and has natural light from the sky.

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Some persons don’t really into the wall décor. However, don’t let it too simple too. To make your simple wall painting more stands out, you can stick wooden letters on the wall. Moreover, choose the vibrant color to your bedroom will look more interesting.

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10. For the couple, it’s best to present it through the wall décor, like this quote from a song. Although it is simple, the power of calligraphy itself is enough for the room décor. You can add some additional furniture like a standing lamp, bottle, or artificial plants and they will be perfect in harmony.